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Reverse Mortgage Loans Make Retirement More Secure

You have worked hard throughout your life. Now is your time for peace of mind. With proper planning you can enjoy your golden years the way you always imagined. A reverse mortgage loan eliminates your monthly mortgage payment* giving you additional financial security. Not only can it lower your monthly expenses, it may provide cash flow throughout your retirement. To find out how much money you qualify for, complete the following form.

*As always, you are still responsible for paying your property taxes and home owners insurance, and maintaining your home.

What are the seniors saying who have taken out reverse mortgages?

According to an AARP survey of 1500 seniors who had obtained a reverse mortgage, is that reverse mortgages may be more practical than most realize. The following is how those 1500 seniors responded to the AARP survey:
  • 95% reported that a reverse mortgage partially to fully met their financial needs
  • 94% reported a greater peace of mind
  • 89% described having a more comfortable lifestyle
  • 93% reported that their reverse mortgage had a positive effect on their life
  • 87% answered that they had a better quality of life
  • 100% satisfied with our customer service

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